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Glastonbury tickets may be long sold out but festival-goers are looking at the many options for accommodation.

As one of the busiest times in the campervan hire calendar, demand for campervans for Glastonbury is extremely high. So if you are considering hiring a camper as your digs for the week, don’t get caught short and leave trying to find a suitable vehicle until the last minute!

A campervan or motorhome is a great way to experience Glastonbury and after a long day of seeing your favourite acts, you can still retire to some home comforts. We’ve drawn up our top reasons why campervan rental is the best way to experience Glastonbury.

Accommodation on wheels

We all dread the thought of having to cart a weekend’s supply of clothing and beer through miles of muddy field to reach Glastonbury’s festival campsite.

With a campervan you simply pack before leaving home and the camper does the rest of the hard work for you!

Stay warm and dry

In our current climate, even in the middle of summer, rain is never too far away. With tents not always watertight and weather conditions varying from monsoon season to sahara desert temperatures, there is nothing worse than returning to a collapsed tent or a tent left open to the elements. Hiring a campervan means you have the luxury of a real roof over your head, ensuring the rain stays outside. Plus, with on-board heating, you can be assured of a warm, cosy sleep, even when temperatures drop.

Keep your beverages cold

The on-board fridge or cool box in your campervan will become your best friend throughout your stay in at Glastonbury. A cold beverage is what you want no matter the weather. With plenty of storage space on-board your campervan, you can keep refilling the fridge and ensure a constant supply of cool beverages throughout the festival.

A good night’s sleep

After a hard day of festivaling with your favourite music artists, a good night’s sleep is the best way to refuel yourself for another day of the same. So, when everyone outside is lying in a sleeping bag on the cold, hard ground, you can retire to your own bed with extra deep mattress and black-out blinds so you can get a great nights sleep.

Full cooking facilities

Festival food often leaves a lot to be desired, not to mention being really expensive. Whether you choose a budget camping car, VW campervan or large motorhome, all of our campervans come equipped with a full range of cooking facilities and running water which means you can enjoy proper homemade meals and even enjoy hot tea or coffee when you need a cure the morning after!

No nasty festival toilets or shower queues

No one likes nasty festival toilets or queuing for a cold shower at 6AM. If you want a nice clean environment to wash in and to stay looking your best at Glastonbury, hire the any of our premium campervans and motorhomes (Aero, Aero+, Vista, Vista+, Grande, Europa) which all come with a shower and toilet on-board.

Security is key

Security is key everywhere you go, so why should Glastonbury be any different? One of the great things about a campervan when at Glastonbury is that you can lock all your valuables away before heading off.

Glastonbury promises to be a great week of camping, music and entertainment, so why don’t you enjoy it in style with a campervan or motorhome from Bunk Campers. We have a wide range of vehicles to suit all tastes and budgets. Plus, with a depot conveniently located close to London Heathrow airport, we’re the perfect festival partner!

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