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Campervan and Motorhome Rental Insurance

Like car hire, we offer campervan hire driver insurance included in your daily rental price. There are additional charges that apply to young or senior drivers. Insurance options are available that allow you to reduce your insurance excess. Bunk Campers provide insurance as part of the cost of the hire – no other insurance is accepted to drive one of our campervans.

Non-EU driving licence.

Additional insurance charges may apply if the hirer holds a non-EU driving licence.

Additional Driver.

You can add up to one additional driver to your campervan hire.

Young Driver.

If you are aged 21 to 24 years, you can still hire a 2 person Roadie campervan from Bunk Campers. (Please note if you are a full time student then the minimum age to hire a campervan is 23 years of age, we don’t decide this, the insurance companies do!). A ‘Young Driver’ surcharge will automatically be added to your booking.

Senior Driver.

If you are aged 70 to 74 years (actually 74 years and 364 days!), you can still hire a campervan from Bunk Campers. Many hire companies have restrictions on drivers who are over 70 years -  however, we can provide cover subject to an additional premium that will automatically be added to your booking.

The Insurance deposit.

One deposit payment (standard excess) is payable by credit card only on collection. This covers insurance excess, security deposit and cleaning deposit. Please ensure you have the funds available on your credit card for payment of this on collection of your campervan, otherwise the vehicle cannot be released to you.

50% Accident Excess Reduction Option.

This optional insurance is a daily charge that reduces the accident excess on your campervan for hire by 50%. It reduces the cost of your liability for damage to the campervan or to a third party vehicle if you are involved in an accident in one of our campervans for hire. Please note, this option is not available for Young or Senior drivers.

Special Insurance Cover Option (Windscreen, Mirrors & Tyres).

This optional insurance extra is a single payment to give you a “no worries” cover against  windscreen,  mirrors & tyre damage. Even with careful driving there is a high chance of chips and cracks to windscreens and mirrors due to small and narrow roads. We offer customers this option because we have found that a high percentage of damages to our campervans for hire occur to these fixtures. Please note, this option is not available for Young or Senior drivers.

Please note: If you have endorsements or penalties on your licence, this may increase your insurance charges on your campervan hire. Please contact Bunk Campers directly for further details.

If you have any further questions regarding Insurance for your London Campervan Hire, Scotland Campervan Hire or Ireland Campervan Hire, please contact