Campervans & Kids – The Perfect Family Holiday

Campervan holidays are a chance to let the kids explore whilst whisking yourself away from the hustle and bustle of daily life for some quality time with your family. With everything you need under one mobile roof, they are ideal for the practicalities of family holidays, and yet they give you a unique freedom to see the country in a fun and exciting way. Here’s why we at Bunk Campers think that campervans and kids are a match made in heaven.

Firstly they give you that quality Family Time…

There are very few holidays where families spend proper quality time together. On a beach break in Spain the children usually spend all day in the pool or at kids club whilst you soak up the sun. Ski holidays tend to be spent apart in schools. But in a campervan you can capture those precious moments of the kids growing up as you sing along to soundtracks during the ride, play games and watch movies on an evening, whilst visiting cool places that even the adults have probably never seen. For family holidays that will create funny and happy memories to treasure for years to come, they’re pretty hard to beat. And you’re sure to have a few tales to tell about Mum’s embarrassing moments or hilarious quotes that the kids came out with.

Secondly – A campervan holiday Keeps It Fresh

Every parent dreads these two words halfway through a holiday: ‘I’m bored’. Inevitably, eager explorers run out of things to discover if you stay in the same resort or town for a week, but this isn’t the case with motorhome getaways. Wake up somewhere new every day and try new activities all around the UK as you take in the rolling hills, exciting cities and wonderful coastline that make Britain so great. In a camper, you’re completely free to shape the holiday around what you love doing best as a family. From beach trips to walking holidays, campervan hire is a boredom buster at its finest!

And finally…Leave Those Luggage Woes Behind

Packing to go on holiday with the kids can be a nightmare when trying to squeeze all the toys, clothes and accessories into one or two suitcases for the entire trip. The problem is even bigger if visiting the UK from abroad, with those luggage costs soon adding up. Campervan hire in the UK makes life easier on two accounts. Firstly, motorhomes have plenty of space to accommodate all of your belongings quite comfortably. Secondly, Bunk has a great selection of hireable extras to help you out, from child car seats to DVD players that will provide hours of entertainment.

To children, a motorhome is one big playhouse that, like a magic carpet, arrives each day at somewhere new and special. See their faces light up at the wonderful trips and activities that you surprise them with along the way, and share moments together that you’d struggle to get from any other holiday. Hire one of our family-sized vehicles with Bunk Campers and see for yourself just why they are perfect for the little ones with a big sense of adventure.

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