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How much does it cost to hire a campervan?

campervan hire price

With staycations on the rise and motorhome hire holidays gaining in popularity, it helps to know your stuff. First things first, what is the average price of campervan hire?

There is a bit to consider when asking this question, what season are you travelling? Where do you want to go? How big is the motorhome?

Read more, as we try to offer some clarity, highlight the important things to look out for and what you really can’t go without.

How much does it cost to hire a campervan in the UK?

Campervan hire can be split into low (November- March), shoulder (April-May & Sep-Oct) & high season (Jun-Aug) with the summer months being the most in demand and therefore, most expensive. Pricing then varies depending on the size, berth, age of camper and what is included or level of support with your hire.

Every motorhome hire company will offer something different. What is important is not what is the cheapest, but what offers the highest value to you. For example, if I find a campervan for cheap, but it has low fuel economy or breaks down when leaving the rental station, then the price doesn’t offer value for money.

Before you commit to a rental, check out these key things:

  • Age of camper– Anything from 3-4 years or less should provide a good performance and offer decent fuel economy.
  • 24/7 roadside support– Is there vehicle and roadside assistance available in case of an emergency?
  • Vehicle support– If an appliance in the camper doesn’t work, who do I contact?
  • Insurance- Are you protected against incidents on the road? You should also check your level of protection.
  • Date flexibility- Restrictions are unpredictable at the minute, is there some protection against new restrictions that stop you picking up your camper?

Top Tip- Is the company a BVRLA (British Vehicle and Rental Leasing Association) member? Being a member of this association will ensure processes are in place, so vehicles are to a set standard and fit for purpose. You can view the member’s directory here

What else affects price?

Where you are picking up your campervan can make a difference. Expect popular campervan locations to be slightly more expensive. If you don’t mind the drive, why not pick up from a cheaper location and drive to your preferred location- don’t forget to factor in fuel costs!

Other things that affect the price include:

  • What’s included in your motorhome– If you are travelling in winter is there heating? Do you have fridge to keep your food chilled? Cooking equipment?… etc. Here is a list of what is included when you hire a campervan or motorhome from Bunk Campers.
  • How many people are travelling– A 2 berth VW camper won’t be the same price as a large 6 berth motorhome.
  • Facilities– Do you need a toilet on board? Most motorhomes include a shower and toilet as well as all of the expected facilities, but with a smaller, budget camper, facilities may be more basic.
  • Additional extras– make a note of what you need to bring, bedding is not included as standard with most campervan rentals for example. It’s worth taking a look at any additional extras a company offer, and factor these onto the costs.
  • Hidden costs– Beware the rental company that adds admin costs onto their price. Keep an eye out for any hidden costs which should be broken down in the quote before you book.

Once you have considered all the above, mapped out what you need and what you don’t need, you can start budgeting for your holiday.

Motorhome Rental Companies vs Peer-to-Peer Networks

The rise of peer-to-peer networks can be seen across the travel industry. How does this work for campervan and motorhome hire?

Peer-to-Peer motorhome networks work by allowing private owners to hire out their motorhomes for your holiday. Unlike hiring a room to stay in, there are various additional factors that you should consider before hiring from a private owner. Remember a motorhome is not just accommodation, but also a vehicle which requires maintenance, check ups and proper use to ensure functionality.

The obvious benefit to peer-to-peer networks are that they are cheap. It’s important to consider the reasons why they are cheaper than rental companies. Rental companies will be subject to industry standards, do daily checks, valet campers after ever trip, provide important product information, and offer vehicle/road support.

If you are considering a peer-to-peer network, I’d recommend reading this article and compare the key things to look out for, and things that affect price, against the vehicle you are hiring to ensure you have confidence. It goes without saying, a campervan is a hugely important aspect to any campervan holiday.

Is renting a motorhome expensive?

It might be a little more expensive than a hotel, but it is a completely different type of holiday. Remember if you are hiring a VW camper, think of this as your car hire & accommodation in one. If you are travelling with the family, divide the daily cost by the number of people of travelling (i.e. 6 into £100 per day= £16.66 per night).

Top Tip 1: If you travel November- March you can get prices from around £55 per night.

Top Tip 2: It helps to book early; most companies will run an early bird promotion for the following year, starting around September-December. If you can’t see it, you can always ask!

Why Bunk Campers?

Bunk Campers are one of the UK & Ireland’s leading campervan and motorhome rental companies. Our vehicles are expertly selected to offer quality, choice and value for your motorhome holiday – your transport and accommodation in one. From budget campers to large motorhomes, simply choose the Bunk Camper that best suits you.

Prices start from just £55/€60 per night and motorhomes are kitted out with everything you need to get you on the road. All our rentals are converted, fitted and kitted to our own exact specification based on years of guest feedback. View our campervans to find out more!

What are you waiting for? Email our customer service team for a quote today.