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Top 5 Tips for Touring Scotland by Campervan this Winter

A campervan hire along the coastline of Cornwall

Scotland has a wide variety of things you can see and do, and travelling by motorhome is a great way to explore the country, seeing all it has to offer. Hiring a campervan or motorhome from our Edinburgh Depot, located 10 minutes from Edinburgh Airport, makes it easier for you to fit all the places you wish to visit into your trip. With a wee bit of help from VisitScotland, we can share the 5 top tips you need to know before you set off on your adventure around Scotland.

Tip 1: Stay Safe On The Road

You must follow the rules, etiquette and regulations to ensure the safety of you and your travel buddies, as well as other road users. You should also know the measurements of your motorhome. Take extra precautions if this is your first time driving a large vehicle.

As your vehicle will be larger and slower, let other drivers overtake you if there is traffic behind you. 

Hire a motorhome and tour the hills of Scotland

Tip 2: Take Care When The Weather Changes

Scotland’s weather can change quickly so, prepare yourself for hazardous driving conditions. Take extra care when driving through heavy rain, gale-force winds, snow and ice. 

It is always best to keep a shovel, de-icer, warm clothing and plenty of extra food and water handy when you need them.

A motorhome in the fog in Scotland

Tip 3: Plan Ahead

If you’re looking for somewhere to make a stop for the night, Scotland has a great range of campsites and holiday parks to book online.

It is best to check out which accommodation sites are open and which are closed to the public before you set off on your journey. Sites will have docks for your motorhome and facilities included. 

If you’re travelling around Loch Lomond & Trossachs, purchase a motorhome permit online before you stay overnight.

Tip 4: Leave No Trace

When preparing to get back on the road again from visiting somewhere, make sure you leave no trace

It’s best advised to follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and learn how to leave a place you visit in the same state it was when you arrive.

When outdoors, be aware of any natural hazards. Do not light bonfires or barbeques as these can very quickly get out of control. 

If there is any waste that you need to dispose of, campsites and caravan parks will have general waste and recycling facilities where manage this appropriately. 

Tip 5: Respect Your Surroundings

Stay safe on the road, plan, follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, dispose of your waste properly and leave no trace. Most importantly, remember to take many loving memories of your trip with you.

A campervan by a lake in Scotland

Ready to set off?

For even more inspiration for your trip, head over to VisitScotland. Want to chat with us about hiring a motorhome? Have a chat with our knowledgeable and friendly team of experts. Get in touch today!

Why Bunk Campers?

Our UK Motorhome Hire Depots are situated across the UK and Ireland helping make beginning your campervan adventure as convenient as possible.

You can start your own holiday in the Grande 6 berth motorhome at Bunk Campers or check out our range of family-friendly campers online so you can discover what Scotland has in store. To book your motorhome Bunk Campers use the quote and book button on our website, email [email protected] or call our team on +44(0)2890813057