Guide to Motorhome Hire with your Pet


Having to leave your furry companions behind when you head out on your summer holiday can be distressing for both pets and their owners. Pets don’t understand when (or even if) they’ll be reunited with their owners, and owners are often left wondering how their pet is faring during the separation. Fortunately, there are pet-friendly holiday options available. When you hire a campervan or motorhome in the UK and Ireland, you and your beloved dog can enjoy travelling with you.

While including your canine family members in your holiday plans is relatively easy, it does require a little extra planning on your part. Consider some of these top tips for taking a motorhome road trip with your favourite furry friends.

Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date

This is a no-brainer. Your pet may be mixing with other animals during the trip and it’s important to make sure they don’t return home with unwanted illnesses.

Check your pet’s ID tags to make sure they are current

You’ll be travelling so having only your home address on your animal tags won’t be much help. Ensure your cellphone number is on their tags so they can easily be returned to you if they accidentally wander.

Find pet-friendly campgrounds

Don’t assume that all campgrounds are pet friendly. After booking your motorhome hire in the UK and Ireland, the next priority should be researching campsites along your route that welcome dogs. While many may have dog runs, consider locations close to beaches or open areas where you know your dog will love to go walking. Become familiar with the campground’s pet policy and rules and always clean up after your pet. Find out if there is an additional fee for pets.

Pack your pet’s favourite things

Making sure your pet is comfortable on your holiday is the most important thing you can do to ensure a stress-free experience for the whole family. If they have a pet bed at home, bring it with you so they still feel at home. Depending on how long you plan to travel, bring their favourite toy or toys along and some new ones to stop them from becoming bored. Remember, your pet will be in a new environment and may not understand what’s going on, so having familiar things around them will help keep them at ease.

Pack plenty of food

The beauty of a motorhome holiday is the ability to bring as much or as little with you as you choose. Figure out how much food your pet will need for the trip and bring all their food with you. Remember that, unlike us, your dog can’t just stop anywhere for a bite to eat! Pack some extra snacks or treats – road trips can be long for pets, and these can help keep them calm while travelling. Make sure you pack the food and water bowls. Having all your pet’s food with you will relieve some stress in not having to find pet food along the way, particularly if they are partial to a particular brand.

Know where the local vets are

No-one wants to think their pet will need veterinary care on holiday. Camping holidays often take place in rural locations where veterinary clinics are not plentiful and knowing where to go in the unlikely event of an emergency with your pet will help put your mind at ease.

Plan for walks

Long driving stretches in a motorhome or campervan can be tiring for pets so planning breaks along the way is important. You can guarantee that, whenever you stop, your dog will be ready for a break. Make sure you pack their leash and carry something to clean up after them with. When you get to your campground, seek out trails most suitable for walking with your pet.

Put your pet’s needs first

Some places you’ll go to on your holiday won’t allow pets, so there will be times when you are going to leave your pet alone in the motorhome for a few hours. Make sure to leave out plenty of water and food and ensure the motorhome has proper ventilation or, if it’s hot, air conditioning.

How to book pet-friendly campervan hire?

Holidaying with your pet may require modifications to your travel plans. You’ll find yourself stopping more frequently and cleaning the motorhome more often, but the rewards far outweigh the inconveniences. If you’ve never taken your dog on holiday with you, now is the time to try it. You can book your pet-friendly motorhome holiday in the UK and Ireland directly on our website. Simply select ‘Pet’ as an extra item to make your campervan pet-friendly!

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