Pimp My Caravan – The World’s Most Outrageous Campervans

If you’ve ever seen Pimp My Ride you’ll know that there are basically no limits when it comes to renovating and converting campervans. From practical improvements to show-stopping designs, there’s plenty of scope to pimp out a camper.

Number 1 – The Boy Racer Bling

You don’t see many boy racers riding around in campervans, but that’s not to say they don’t exist. Coming in at a whopping £55,000, this pimped out van has been fitted with the most high-tech entertainment systems and luxuries. Flat screen TV, a king size bed and a flawless finish make this deluxe VW makeover something to shout about.

Number 2 – Campervan Rescue

It’s usually the people who get into the ambulance who are in need of some special attention, but with a little TLC one British family turned an old ambulance into their very own motorhome. The Lindner family bought the beat down 1969 vehicle on eBay, and made it onto TV last year as they pimped their ride into a campervan. Now it’s a sleek and sophisticated addition to the family for road trips that they have certainly earned after all that hard work.

Number 3 – The Breaking Bad RV

When Walter and Jesse decided to invest in an RV, we were as shocked as they were. Hilarious scenes ensued as they tried to turn this family motorhome into an effective work place, often failing miserably! One of the craziest uses of a camper that we’ve heard of, it made for some ridiculous but brilliant TV viewing.

Number 4 – The Swiss Army Van

Experience the future of campervans in a motor that would be sure to see you through an apocalypse with the Swiss Army Van. Until that moment arose, you’d be able to sleep easy knowing that this futuristic motorhome is completely eco-friendly and also incredibly roomy. Perhaps a long way away from being the standard vehicle for a road trip, it’s none the less exciting and outrageous and we love it.

Number 5 – The Mystery Machine

Remember the colourful camper that Scooby Doo and his friends chased villains around the world in? The Mystery Machine is an iconic van that big kids and the little ones today will probably all be familiar with. But the great thing is that some Scooby Doo fans around the world have renovated their vehicles to create their very own Mystery Machine! It just goes to show that you only grow old in your head…

Now although here at Bunk Campers we’d rather you didn’t pull a paint job stunt whilst enjoying your campervan hire with us, many of our customers love their campervan holidays so much that they end up buying their own! The camping community can be a lifelong hobby and there are some amazing pimped out vans to watch out for on the road. But for the meantime, have a spin in one our vans for a holiday you’ll never forget.

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