25 things you will only enjoy when taking a road trip

campervan hire uk & ireland

1. The most scenic roads…

1. scenic-roads

2. … and the most breath-taking views.

1.1. viewa

3. The feeling of never being in a rush

2. no-rush

4. (even in rush hour).

2.1. traffic

5. Those peaceful vibes

3. peace

6. and absolute freedom.

3.1. freedom

7. Moments of love…

4.1. love

8. … adventure…

5. adventure

9. … and family fun!

6. family-time

10. Your kids’ cutest moments.

7. sleep

11. Random encounters between old and new generations.

8. different-generatiosn

12. Connecting with nature

4. nature

13. in your home on wheels

10. comfort

14. (or your office on wheels).

11. mobile-office

15. The best dining spots ever.

12 dining views

16. Holidays without borders

12.1. driving sea

17. and getting off the beaten track.

13. Beaten track

18. Discovering hidden gems.

14. hidden-gems

19. Being part of the local culture.

15. locals

20. And feeling the local hospitality.

16. local-cordiality

21. Finding beauty in the sky

17 skies

22. or in the worst storm.

18. beautiful-storms

23. Because after a storm comes the calm.

19. rainbow

24. A really special calm…

20. peace-after-storm

25. … a calm that can be only found on the open road.

21. beaten-track

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