4 Ways to Improve Your UK Campervan Holiday

Campervan hire in the UK has a lot of potential to be an incredible getaway with your family and friends. Spending time with your favourite people in world, discovering the sights that make Britain so beautiful, and indulging in hobbies new and old, there are countless ways to spend your getaway. But by following a few of our top tips to success you can make your break even better, so here’s some advice on how to improve your UK campervan holiday this year from Bunk Campers.

1. Do Some Research Before You Leave

There are heaps of hidden gems all around the UK that are just waiting to be discovered, but often people drive straight past them if they don’t know about them beforehand. The same goes for events; especially in the summer the country comes to life with free festivals, quirky village fetes and fun events. By doing a little research on the area that you’re going to, you can fill your itinerary with highlights that will brighten up your agenda. The Visit Britain website has lots of information on places to go and things to do all around the UK.

2. Evening Entertainment

Whilst summer evenings might slip away as you chat late into the night in the fading light, it’s always a good idea to pack plenty of things to do after dark. Board games and cards can turn a quiet evening into raucous entertainment as Mum reveals her competitive streak, and pandemonium ensues as you scramble to become the winner. You’d be amazed at just how fun you can have together away from the TV and computer, so don’t forget to bring a few games along for the trip.

3. A Song for the Journey

Have you listened to the radio for a whole day recently? Well, if you have, you’ll know that they do play the same things over and over again! And when was the last time you dug out your favourite CD and gave it a listen? Bring a few brilliant CD’s with you to transform a drive through the country into a family musical that will make you cry with laughter.

4. Pick the Right Vehicle

Everyone is different, which is why Bunk Campers has a wide range of different models to choose from in its motorhome range. Picking the right campervan for you is an important decision to get the most out of your holiday, as you want to be comfortable and happy during your road trip. Have a look at our range to see which type of vehicle suits you best before booking your campervan, and it can improve your getaway no end.

So as you can see, a bit of preparation goes a long way when it comes to a successful campervan holiday. Ditch the laptops, tablets and phones and invest in games and music the good old-fashioned way, and you won’t be disappointed with the results. Bunk Campers has Britain’s largest fleet of campers, giving you lots of choice on a model right for you, so you can discover the delights of a motorhome and the secrets of the UK this year.

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