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Campervan Advice

It is important you understand how to best take care of your camper in order to ensure you have the best campervan holiday. Here is all you need to know from parking up to plugging in, campervan cleaning tips and campervan maintenance.

Plug in

Whilst on your campervan hire Ireland, campervan hire Scotland or campervan hire UK holiday, Bunk Campers recommends visiting locations with electric hook-up regularly during your rental. Plugging your campervan into facilities every few days is important in order to replenish your battery power. This powers your light, heating, toilet flush and hot water.

During the winter months in Ireland and the UK, this is particularly important and we recommend plugging in every night to ensure you have sufficient battery power to heat your campervan!

Get rid of rubbish

Parking up at a campsite is an ideal time to get rid of your rubbish.

Never leave your rubbish lying around when you leave a site. Bunk Campers supports the leave no trace concept. Put your rubbish in the bins provided, recycle where possible and leave the area as you found it.

You are welcome to leave any unopened tinned or dried food, canned drinks, condiments (tea, coffee, sugar), cleaning materials and chemicals at the Bunk Campers depot for future customers.

Empty your toilet

Avoid unpleasant smells in your van! To keep your van fresh, we recommend that you dispose of your waste at least every 3-4 days. This must be done at proper toilet waste disposal facilities which are available at most campsites.

Refresh water

No one likes a cold shower! Your camper requires sufficient clean, fresh, water to heat your boiler for washing, cleaning and showering.

Bunk Campers recommends you fill up at each available opportunity. Water can be replenished at campsites or most fuel stations.

Empty your grey water tank

To maintain an enjoyable campervan environment we recommend emptying your grey water tank regularly. By emptying your tank on a regular basis you can avoid carrying unnecessary weight which can increase your fuel costs.


Please park responsibly and ensure you don’t park cross ways on bays or block public access by obstructing footpaths. Avoid parking near public parks and overhanging your motorhome across foot paths. DO NOT block Access to Piers & Harbours, Local Fishermen need access to their boats, as do Emergency Services in cases of accidents.


Gas required for cooking, operating your fridge and in some vehicles, your heating and hot water. For safety reasons, gas must be turned off at all times when driving your campervan.

Area de service

Throughout Ireland and the UK, service areas are available for quick and convenient campervan management. For a small fee, you can purchase 1kw of electricity or 100 litres of water plus toilet/waste water disposal and overnight parking is permitted at some service areas.

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