5 Basic Lessons for Campervanning in Winter

winter camping

Some people may think summer is the only time to hire a campervan in the UK or Ireland. However, the truth is that the caravanning season is all year round – especially with Bunk Campers modern day fleet being far better equipped for winter touring.

For those who are more sceptical about winter campervan hire in Scotland, London or Ireland, we have put together 5 tips to allay all kinds of fears:

1. Preparing your camper

Keeping the camper watertight and insulated is essential. However, we got this covered for you! When you hire a campervan in Scotland, London or Ireland, our depot staff makes sure any potential gap or crack is filled in and fixed before your rental so you can enjoy a nice, toasty campervan. With our comprehensive 30 point check, we guarantee that windows and heating system work properly for the winter weather. Plus, all our campervans and motorhomes for hire are equipped with all season tyres. As long as you exercise caution when driving, there’s no need to worry about snow or ice on the road.

2. Staying warm in the campervan

There are some things you can bring or add to your reservation to stay warmer on board. When hiring a campervan in winter, we highly recommend adding a full gas bottle (or even 2 bottles if you are travelling for longer) and bedding kits for all people travelling. Wrapping up under a thick duvet makes a big difference! For a few pounds, you can also buy a hot water bottle for extra coziness when sleeping. When packing, just try to wear as many layers as you can and don’t forget about gloves, hats, scarves, ear flaps, appropriate shoes and even an extra blanket if you have enough space!

3. Avoiding freezing pipes

In below zero conditions, draining down the water tanks is the best way to avoid frost damage. Before your rental, our personnel will make sure your campervan has been drained and pipes work properly. If you are going to park up at night in a freezing spot, we advise to keep the water tanks almost empty so the pipes don’t get cracked. We also recommend carrying a supply of drinking water at all times in case the taps or pipes get frozen.

4. Parking up your camper

Although some campsites close during low season, many other are open all year round across the UK & Ireland. To save you some time checking availability, we have put together a list of campsites open this winter in Ireland, England and Scotland. Although wild camping is legal in Scotland and permissible in many areas of the UK & Ireland, we would advise to stay in a campsite since you need to be very conscious about your power usage in the colder months. It’s easy to run out of battery because of the demand for extra heat and light. When staying in a camspsite, you can easily load your leisure battery or save some power by hooking your camper up to an electric pitch. Plus, some campsites allow lighting campfires, which is the perfect complement for a cozy winter camper adventure.

5. Eating and drinking properly

Your campervan hire in the UK & Ireland features a fully-equipped kitchen so you can enjoy a proper warm, satisfying meal, which will help you beat the cold! What about parking up in a scenic spot, wrapping yourself under a cozy blanket and enjoying a hot chocolate with a view? If hiring a campervan in Scotland, nothing like a hot toddy to warm you up and get a better sleep!

This winter, why not treat yourself to a well-deserved retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? With tranquil landscapes and quiet roads to explore from the warmth of your home of wheels, you won’t find a better time to hire a campervan in the UK or Ireland.

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