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GUEST POST: Kate tells us 9 reasons you must see Ireland by campervan

campervan hire ireland

When planning a last minute trip to Ireland, my husband and I opted to hire a campervan in Ireland with Bunk Campers so that we could have total freedom to explore all the island has to offer – and ended up having one of the greatest trips of our lives. Here’s why:

1. You Can See it All

One of the benefits of travelling in a island is that you can see so much of the whole country! Of course how far you’re willing to drive each day will dictate how your days go, but if you’re happy to go the distance, you can see so much of this amazing place.

For example, from Bunk Campers’ depot, in just 10 days you are able to see: Giant’s Causeway, Donegal, Sligo, Westport, Connemara, Galway, and the Cliffs of Moher without rushing. We drove on average 2-4 hours a day at a leisurely pace.

2. You Can Go At Your Own Pace

1Whether you want to see a corner of Ireland or circumnavigate the entire island, with a camper you can be in charge of what, when, where, and for how long.

If you want to have a long lazy lunch overlooking the Cliffs of Moher, you can. If you reach the perfect beach for dinner, stop and dine. If you arrive sooner than expected, you can continue exploring or have an evening to enjoy the comforts of your camper.

3. You Can Be As Flexible or Organized As You Want

Whether you want to go as you feel, or you enjoy the planning and the research, with campervan hire Ireland you’re fully in control. For us, we were flexible – never planning more than one day in advance to allow for unexpected advice, insight, changes in weather, and creative inspiration (I’m a photographer!). Whatever way you do it, you have total freedom!

4. Comforts of Home Literally Within Reach At All Times

3People asked us if we got “Cabin Fever” inside our campervan. For the record, we had the Vista Plus, and the answer is a resounding “No!”. In fact, there were days we were nearly glad it was rainy because it was the perfect excuse to cosy up in our spacious and well-appointed home!

I keep telling people that the Vista Plus was nicer than half the apartments we rented during our past trips! I cannot explain fully how much fun it was to decide we were hungry, and just pull over at the next viewpoint. Just us, our kitchen, and the Atlantic ocean.

5. Campsites are Spectacular…

Camping in Ireland is a favourite pasttime and this shows in the care put into the campsites. You’re guarenteed to have a clean space to park up, nice washrooms and superb views. And they are almost always located at a walking distance from a perfect Irish pub!

6. Or, You Can Cosy Up at a Pub!

Safe Nights Ireland is a program that allows campervans to park up at a local pub for the night. In theory it should cost about 10 euros, but in our experience, after we’d ordered a few pints or a meal, they were gracious and glad to have us stay the night.

7. You Can Make Dinner and Watch the Sunset from Your Living Room

2Or make breakfast and watch the day break. Or make lunch at an isolated and perfect beach…

Rather than frantically tracking down the next well-rated restaurant, you can eat well and healthy using the kitchen in your camper.

Once you’re stocked up with food, park up at any breath-taking location and enjoy asking each other if it’s really real. It’s just too good to be true.

8. It’s Easier to Do on a Budget than People Think!

After you’ve added up a tour company, a rental car, hotels or B&Bs, you’re sure to at least break even with the cost of a campervan, fuel, and campsites. But when you’re in a campervan, you’re in control! And there are other many ways to budget – such as cooking your own meals and eating in, for one.

9. There’s All Sizes for All Types of Trips and Travelers

Bunk Campers offers 7 models of campervan hire from Belfast and Dublin for a bespoke experience! Whether you’re coming for a trip with the kids, or heading for that famous West Coast surfing with friends, or anything else – from the compact Roadie to to the six person Grande, there’s a camper for that!


If you want to experience Kate’s adventure around the Emerald Isle, you can hire a campervan in Belfast or Dublin with Bunk Campers from only £45/day this winter. Use our online booking engine or email us for more information and booking!



Kate Siobhan, Travel Journalist & Photographer