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A Look At The World’s Most Expensive Campervans


Some of these motorhomes are like the sort of vehicles you thought were reserved to Bond movies and sci-fi films. Nevertheless, these mind-blowingly extravagant RVs do exist, and some of the weird and wonderful features are sure to entertain you.

Here are some of the world’s most expensive campervans…

Number 1 – EleMMent Palazzo

The world’s most expensive, and utterly outrageous, vehicle went on sale in Dubai last year. The EleMMent Palazzo is a 40 ft work of art on wheels that comes complete with a Sky Lounge, master bedroom, pop-up cocktail bar and underfloor heating. An RV that would probably look just a little out of place at a UK seaside resort, this is a luxury reserved for the rich and famous, and would set you back by around £2 million.

Still, we can always dream…

Number 2 – Robert DeNiro’s RV Hero

You might have wondered how Robert DeNiro played the part of RV fanatic grandfather in Meet the Fockers so convincingly. Well, as it happens the reality isn’t so far from the truth, except from perhaps the spy elements. Robert DeNiro loves a good road trip, and his enormous vehicle accommodates up to 30 people with a staggering three floors on board. With a van like that to get around the country, it’s no wonder DeNiro hasn’t retired from the film industry yet!

Number 3 – The Vantare Platinum Plus

Stretch out on a kingsize bed as you watch films on your flat-screen TV in this extravagant RV. The Vantare Platinum Plus wears a hefty $2.5 million price tag, and yet it isn’t hard to see why. With luxury furnishings and a compartment underneath to store your sports car in the depressing thing is that most of us won’t even have a home worth that in our lifetime, never mind a recreational vehicle for the occasional weekend away!

Number 4 – Will Smith’s Worth It

Although it’s debatable whether this can even vaguely fit into the category of ‘campervan’, this super amazing incredible RV is the pride and joy of Will Smith. A two storey tour bus with deluxe design including granite worktops, dressing room and flat-screen TV, you’d wonder why he ever bothers going home with this pimped out RV to take him around. Oh yeah that’s right, he also happens to have the coolest family in the world too. Only the best for this blockbuster film star… but what doesn’t that man have?

Bringing this discussion back down to earth, these ridiculous motorhomes are interesting to look at but inevitably the reserve of the very richest in society. That said, is it really a campervan holiday when you have everything including the kitchen sink and state-of-the-art furnishings that we’d be afraid to touch? The beauty of campervan hire is a walk on the wild side with a few home comforts, not a hotel on wheels. Nevertheless, Bunk Campers have a few little luxuries to make your getaway special, from DVD player rental to deluxe campers that will make your road trip even more fun.

Check out our very own fleet of affordable campervans for hire where you’ll see all the features and benefits of hiring from us. You’ll also find some great tips for your next campervan trip!

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