Remember, remember the fifth of November…

In 1605, a group of 13 activists planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament as response to Catholics persecution by Queen Elizabeth and her son, King James I. To carry out their plot, the conspirators hid 36 barrels of gunpowder under the House of Lords.

However, a member of the group sent an anonymous letter to his friend, warning him to stay away from the Parliament on 5th November. The letter reached the King and one of the conspirators, Guy Fawkes, was caught with the barrels, tortured and executed.

To commemorate the failure of the Gunpowder Plot, Bonfire Night takes place throughout England each 5th November, with fireworks, parades and burning figures of Guy Fawkes.

If you are hiring a campervan from our London depot this week, you can’t miss out Bonfire Night celebrations. To give you some inspiration, we have put together 5 ways to enjoy Guy Fawkes Night in a campervan:

1. Attend Lewes Bonfire Celebrations

Located only 40 minutes away from our depot in Horsham, the town of Lewes hosts one of the country’s largest and most impressive 5th November festivities. Park up your camper for a few hours and attend a night of flames, lights and coloured costumes. With over 80,000 visitors every year, both children and adults will enjoy this “mix of Halloween and Mardi Gras”.

2. Visit the Houses of Parliament

If you are stopping by London on your campervan hire holiday, take a guided tour through the Parliament! Tours are available in 7 languages on Saturdays and some weekdays. For only £25, you can enjoy 90 minutes of history, contemporary politics and stunning architecture. Did you know that the cellars are searched every year when the Monarch enters the Parliament? However, the one where the gunpowder was kept does not longer exist!

3. Watch V for Vendetta on board your camper!

If bonfires are not your thing, you can have quieter Guy Fawkes fun in your campervan. The story of Guy Fawkes has inspired both the comic and film industry with the character of “V”, a superhuman that tries to liberate his homeland. This 5th November, stay cozy on board your camper, lay on your comfortable bed and turn on your portable DVD player to watch this modern adaptation of the Gunpowder Plot.

4. Cook traditional Bonfire Night Food

Parkin Cake is a traditional cake eaten on Bonfire Night, made of oatmeal, treacle, syrup and ginger. The VistaPlus and Grande campervans for hire in the UK come equipped with oven and grill, meaning you can bake your Parkin Cake on board. Park up on a nice spot, prepare a warm tea and enjoy your cake with views…  Can you imagine a more relaxing plan for this 5th November?

5. Light up your own Bonfire Night!

If you are staying on a campsite, you can ask for permission to set a campfire and light some fireworks and sparkles. Burn your Guy Fawkes effigies, sing Bonfire Night songs, prepare BBQ, share fun with your campsite neighbours… But, please remember to be especially careful with fire and to respect wildlife!

This 5th November, hire a campervan in the UK with Bunk Campers and enjoy a unique Guy Fawkes adventure. For more information and booking, simply use Bunk Campers’ online engine, email [email protected] or call +44 (0) 2890 813057.

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