Campervan Hire and Sustainable Tourism

Campervan hire helps sustainable tourism

As part of the global shift towards the environmental concern, holidaymakers are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment. Amidst the climate emergency that is continually rising, avoiding flights and opting for campervan hire is becoming more popular.

With campervan hire holidays, Bunk Campers guests can have a long and memorable road trip whilst leaving behind a fraction of the carbon footprint, so let’s take a look at the environmental benefits of campervan hire –

Smaller Carbon Footprint than flying

Reduce your carbon footprint with motorhome hire

Leave behind less pollution on our planet with motorhome hire. A 500-mile road trip creates just 20% of the carbon compared to a one-way flight from London to Tenerife. (calculated using carbon-clear.com and resurgence.org). Or just 10% of the carbon footprint compared to return flights!

Responsible Tourism and Campervan Hire

Bunk Campers recognise the importance of responsible tourism for campervan and motorhome hire. We have adopted “Leave No Trace” principles, a framework of principles and best practices aimed at minimising our impact on the environment and recommended this to be used by everyone.

These principles include disposing of waste properly, leaving what you find, reducing campfire impact and respecting local wildlife all with the aim of helping minimise environmental impact.

Supporting local business

Supporting local business

Tourism is a crucial part of keeping local businesses afloat, particularly in the summer months. Whether this is your initial “Big shop” for your trip or its lunch in a local pub set in the rural countryside, every little helps to support local business helps make road trips possible. We would encourage you to shop local whenever possible on your campervan hire holiday!

Beach Cleanings

Local communities are all very welcoming to tourists getting stuck into helping their area. There are plenty of sustainable activities to get involved in, especially if you’re staying somewhere for a bit longer. In coastal areas, there are often beach cleanings that involve picking up litter from along the seaside.

This is a great way to interact with like-minded locals who care just as much about their environment as you. Typically, the beach cleaners will head for a spot of lunch or a drink afterwards too as a reward.

Compost food scraps

Compost food scraps

Composting and life on the road are not mutually exclusive. Whilst it may be difficult to fit typical indoor composters into the confined space of a motorhome, there are solutions. A small compost collection bin should be able to odourlessly hold any food waste until you find somewhere to compost this.

Local community gardens, local nurseries, farmers’ markets (or farms!) and schools tend to have composting facilities. You’ll be able to deposit your compost and put it to good use.

Ensuring sustainable tourism by working with tourist boards

We are committed to responsible tourism and motor homing. We have partnered with Campa to help support the sustainable development of motorhome tourism in Scotland.

In addition, most tourist boards will support eco-friendly tourism themselves. VisitScotland has provided a sustainable tourism section on their website for practical tips you can adopt which can be found here.

Why use Bunk Campers for your campervan hire?

At Bunk Campers we have a range of 2 – 6 berth motorhomes, to get you on the open road. Discover scenic road trips and create your own adventure around the UK and Ireland.

We have motorhome hire depots are situated across the UK and Ireland, so we can help on your road trip. To book with Bunk Campers use the quote and book button on our website, email [email protected] or call our team at +44(0)2890813057.

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Pick up your camper from our depots in Dublin or Belfast & discover the magic of the Emerald Isle.

Bunk Campers Scotland depot between Edinburgh & Glasgow airports is the perfect start point for your Scotland road trip.

Discover Great Britain! Our England depot is located at London Heathrow airport.

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