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Aussie Couple Gail and Arthur return from a 3 month trip in a Bunk Camper. Find out how they got on!

Gail & Arthur - Campervan Hire Ireland

Australian Couple Gail and Arthur have just returned from a MASSIVE 3 month trip in our Aero campervan. We interviewed them to see how they got on in their Bunk Camper.

Gail & Arthur - Campervan Hire IrelandOn a bright and sunny day in March 2013, Aussie husband and wife team Gail and Arthur arrived at Belfast and headed to our Northern Ireland Campervan Hire depot, to collect their Bunk Camper.

All the way from Perth in Western Australia, this was Gail & Arthur’s second time hiring a Bunk Camper. The couple arrived un-phased by their 24 hour flight and stood in our depot with a cool and collected demeanor that very few people can pull off. They were worldly, well traveled and most importantly, ready for whatever the next 92 days was about to throw at them.

After our comprehensive vehicle demonstration, we loaded their brand new Aero 2 person campervan with their kitchen box, bedding, luggage and a few extras to help the couple along their way.

Taking advantage of Bunk Campers unlimited mileage in the UK and Ireland and discounted ferry prices, Gail and Arthur set off their epic 92 day journey in their Bunk Camper.

3 months later, Gail and Arthur have returned to our Belfast depot. Before they headed back to the sunny climbs of Australia, we asked the couple a few questions about their Campervan Hire journey. Here’s what they said!

So Arthur and Gail, what made you decide to hire a campervan from Bunk Campers over other travel options such as car hire, hotels or camping etc?

We liked the idea of the freedom of being able to adjust travel plans and not have to be committed to prearrange accommodation.

You were out in our Aero luxury 2 person campervan for a total of 92 days! Where (roughly) did you go on your epic campervan hire trip?

We traveled right around the Irish and Welsh coasts, along the south coast of England and across the middle of England.

Aero 2 person campervan available to hire in IrelandHow did you find living, eating and sleeping in your Bunk Camper?

Very comfortable! With the Aero campervan, it was great to be able to have the bed left set up all the time and not have to make it up every night.

So, what was your overall impression of the Bunk Campers experience?

We had a great time!

That’s what we like to hear! What was your favourite memory from living in your Bunk Camper?

All good memories!

And what advice would you give to other Aussie’s wanting to do an epic campervan hire journey like the one you did with Bunk Campers?

Be flexible in your time and travel plans – you’ll find unexpected gems where you’ll want to spend more time and some areas that take less time than you thought. Allow more time (at least twice) than expected for travelling – roads and traffic in Ireland are a lot different to Australia and will take a lot longer than you are used to!

If you came back and hired a Bunk Camper again, where would you like to go next time?

North England and Scotland

Campervan Hire in Ireland - Aero campervan on the Irish coastYes! Visit a supermarket and get a supply of different sized cardboard cartons – these are great for those various items that would normally be awkward or messy to store (shoes not being worn, extra food, wet power cord and water hose, etc).

Different sizes allow them to be placed in different areas in the van and they can be easily disposed of (recycling) and the end of the holiday. The bottoms cut off milk bottles make great holders for the many small items (medicines, cosmetics, chargers and adapters, washing items, etc) They can also be easily disposed of (recycling) and the end of the holiday!

Great tips! Thanks very much guys! We are delighted to hear you had such a great campervan hire journey with Bunk Campers and look forward to seeing you again soon!

If like Arthur and Gail, you would like to embark on an epic Campervan Hire journey through the UK and Ireland, email [email protected] for a personalised quote.