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How to Camp and Cook in a Campervan

A family cooking in a campervan

A motorhome holiday is perfect for anyone who loves being outside and exploring nature while maintaining many of the comforts of home. Part of the camping experience is knowing how and what to cook without the full kitchen and oven you take for granted at home but, with a little planning, you’ll find meals on the road an enjoyable part of the adventure.

If you’re planning to make all your meals in your campervan rental or at a campsite, there are things to consider before you embark on your motorhome holiday. From knowing how to cook without a full kitchen to packing ingredients you might need for meals, cooking while camping can be a hassle. However, with the right help, it can be an easy way to make a wide range of meals that taste great and are simple to make from anywhere.

Follow this guide for perfecting how to cook a great meal while on a camping trip.

1. Meal Prep

Cooking dinner in a motorhome

Set aside time to pre-plan menus ahead of your trip – not down to the last detail but have a general idea of the meals you will be cooking while on the road. Make a list. Doing this now will free up more time when you’re actually there. Even if you don’t have the full meal planned out ahead of time, you’ll still have all the ingredients you’ll need to throw it together. This is especially true if you need additional ingredients to spice up your meal. It can also help make sure that you aren’t leaving any key parts of your meals behind while packing.

2. Figure Out Your Cooking Gear

Most motorhome rentals will include, at minimum, a two or three burner hob. When you hire a campervan in the UK & Ireland, the company’s website should show you what’s available for cooking and also what’s included in the motorhome’s kitchen kit. How many and what type of pots are included? What’s there in the way of dishes and utensils? Then ask yourself if there’s anything extra you need to bring with you to make and eat those delicious meals on the go.

Base your meal planning on one and two pot dishes you can cook on the stovetop. Some UK favourites include curries like Chicken Tikka Masala, Stovetop Bangers and Mash, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Shepherd’s Pie (you may not be able to grill the potatoes but it’ll taste good just the same) and Macaroni Cheese. These are just the tip of the iceberg – there’s bound to be a ton of your own favourite stovetop dishes you can adapt to the motorhome lifestyle.

3. Know what you need to bring and what you can get where you’re going

Cooking a meal in a motorhome

Depending on where you choose to camp, there may or may not be stores handy where you can buy supplies on your holiday. Do your research ahead of time and know whether you’ll need to supplement the supplies you bring with you with additional groceries later on. Know where the supermarkets are. Bring any condiments you think you’ll need – that includes herbs and spices packed in the smaller quantities you expect to use on your trip.

4. Bring Plenty of Snacks and Drinks

It’s one thing to have the meals planned out, but you can’t forget about the snacks. You’ll have hours in between meals where you’ll be bound to get hungry. Snacks like granola bars and trail mix are easy to pack for the road and can help keep you and your family from getting irritable when you’re hungry. Of course, you also need to make sure you have enough to drink during your trip, especially if it’s warm and you’ll be doing a lot of physical activity. Bringing along insulated water bottles can make sure that everyone on your trip has access to ice-cold water. You might also want to bring along supplies to make coffee and tea for the morning or to have a warm drink if the temperature drops.

5. Pack incidental items

A family enjoying dinner in their campervan

You’re bound to have leftovers on occasion so you should take into consideration storage for all your food, whether that be using reusable containers, plastic wrap, or tinfoil. These items aren’t usually supplied in the campervan so bring some along.

Are you planning to cook on a campfire? Blackening the frypan from your motorhome rental won’t make you popular, so perhaps plan to bring your own cast-iron frypan with you. Will you need camping chairs? You may be able to hire these from the rental company or you might find it easier to bring your own.

Cooking meals on your motorhome holiday isn’t something to be stressed over. Make it a group effort by getting all the family involved, perhaps have each family member suggest their own favourite dish, then come prepared. Just remember, appetites increase with fresh air and exercise … so bring plenty of food to satisfy everyone!

What’s in my Bunk Campers motorhome?

When you hire a campervan with Bunk Campers we provide you with everything you need in your kitchen, including – mugs, plastic glasses, bowls, knives, forks, spoons, kettles, chopping board, colander, tin opener, bottle opener/corkscrew, crockery, glasses, mugs, pots, pans and tea towels.

Campervan Hire with Bunk Campers

In addition to the above, we also provide a full bottle of camping gas so you can really put your cooking skills to the test. To book today, use the quote and book button on our website, email [email protected] or call our team on +44(0)2890813057.