Gas safety – The dos and don’ts in Campervan hire

Gas safety on your campervan hire Scotland & ireland holiday

Some people are afraid of gas, especially those who have never experienced what it is like to cook with a gas cooker. Cooking with gas is nothing to be afraid of, especially when on your campervan or motorhome hire holiday.


Most modern campervans or motorhomes will come with hot water, heating and cooking facilities onboard and these will often be powered by gas or Diesel fuel. There are no real advantages to choosing a campervan or motorhome with one or the other. Both gas and Diesel fuel are effective ways of heating your campervan and heating your water. Nearly 100% of cooking facilities on modern campervans will be gas fueled so in all likelihood you will have to deal with gas on your holiday.


Gas safety on your campervan hire Scotland & ireland holidayAt Bunk Campers, all our campervans and motorhomes for hire come equipped with gas. As a business, we try to be as ‘Green’ as possible, especially when it comes to gas in our campervans and motorhomes – we don’t make unnecessary trips to the gas suppliers! When you collect your campervan or motorhome for your campervan hire holiday, we give you just enough gas to help you get on the road. We also provide you with a comprehensive list of gas stockists across Scotland and Ireland should you happen to require more during your holiday.


To help you when working with gas on your Campervan Hire Ireland or Campervan Hire Scotland holiday, have a look at our gas safety information..




Safety testing – first of all, every campervan requires to be gas safety tested at least once a year – this is becoming increasingly common, even among newer vehicles which use household quality gas components. All our campervans for hire in Scotland and Ireland are gas safety tasted by a registered gas safe engineer.


Check your gas compartment – When you open the gas compartment (which is where your gas canister will be housed) you will notice that there are air ventilations directly to the outside of the vehicle which will allow leaking gas to vent to the exterior of the vehicle. These gas compartments are usually sealed to prevent gas getting into the habitation area in the event of a leak.


Correctly install your gas – When you insert a new gas canister it is important that you use the correct fittings –the correct hose and regulator. If you are in any doubt about this, please consult a local gas specialist. Remember that certain gas hoses require a small rubber washer which can be lost easily and try not to bend the hose which places increased pressure on it.


Install a gas strap – These are straps which are secured into the interior of the gas compartment and fix themselves around the canister to stop it moving around in transit. All of our campervans and motorhomes for hire in Scotland and Ireland have this gas strap to hold your canister in place while on the road.


Turn it off – Always turn off your gas whilst in transit! This is often done by turning the regulator clockwise. You can also turn off your gas safety switches – these are often yellow in colour and are located close to the gas canister. They close the piping, which carries the gas to any facilities around the vehicle.


Even if you follow all this advice closely, it is still a good idea to install a carbon monoxide detector in the habitation area just in case of a stray gas leak, alongside a fire extinguisher. At Bunk Campers, all of our campervans and motorhomes for hire come equipped with a carbon monoxide alarm for your safety.


The best safety tip is to exercise common sense at all times and keep yourself and your family safe.


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