The Ultimate Guide to Campervan Holidays for First Timers

Campervan hire in the UK offers a special kind of getaway, and once you’ve tried it you’re sure to never look back. The freedom of going anywhere in the country, parking up on a whim to eat your picnic or dinner in a beautiful setting, and spending precious time with friends and family – What’s not to love? If it’s your first time, there’s no need to feel nervous. Just take a few tips from this post and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Tip Number 1 – Plan Your Journey In Advance

Some people like to just see where the open road takes them, others like a full itinerary for their getaway. Whatever your style, it’s always a good idea to at least plan a rough idea of where you are going, and do a little research to avoid any road rage. Especially in a motorhome, finding out about the free regional camping spots and the best campsites around the UK can save you time and money. Bunk has an enormous holiday advice section, with an extensive camping guide and lots of information on local events and activities.

Tip number 2 – Demystify The Motor

Whether or not it’s your first time driving a motorhome, familiarising yourself with the vehicle before you drive into the distance can take away any doubts or anxiety you may have about campervan hire. Bunk allows its customers to control their booking by logging on to the ‘my bunk’ portal to learn more about their campervan before they pick it up.

Tip Number 3 – Take Everything But The Kitchen Sink

It can be difficult to know what to pack for a holiday that is a completely new experience, but it needn’t cause any stress. Each Bunk vehicle is equipped with kitchen utensils, cleaning materials, and the basics such as a kettle and first aid kit. Beyond your clothes and some food for the journey, you just need to remember important documents such as your driving license, insurance, money, and a torch! And if you’re struggling for space we offer hireable extras to take a load off your mind.

Tip Number 4 – Safety First

When it comes to the rules of the road, driving a campervan is little different to any other car. Just because you have a kitchen and bed doesn’t mean you can drink drive, and you should always wear a seat belt. Don’t worry, before we leave you to your own devices Bunk takes you through a full safety demonstration, so that you can get the most out of your campervan holiday. When you’re happy that you’ve got it all covered, we’ll hand over the keys and away you go!

This may all seem like a lot to think about, but really it isn’t. Drive safely and considerately as we’re sure you always do, do a bit of research, pack what you’d usually take for a holiday, and you’re almost there. In fact, we’re jealous that you get to experience the joys of campervan holidays for the first time!

You can click here to see our range of campervans that you can hire and easily book online. You can check out any extras you need and get some more ideas for your next campervan trip!

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