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A Cycling Scottish Highland Campervan Adventure

A campervan hire in the highlands

Recently we hosted TheBikePack on a Winter break across the Scottish Highlands, and we were curious to see how they enjoyed their campervanning and cycling experience. To encourage more people to get out and enjoy the fantastic winter scenery and quiet roads, and find out what they thought, we asked Johan from TheBikePack a few questions. Here’s what he had to say:

What was it like travelling in winter?

Johan – Traveling in a motorhome in the winter is absolutely perfect, warm, cosy and comfortable. A warm place to return to and a heated home to wake up to in the morning. 

Bunk Campers – We have a range of 2-6 berth motorhomes all of which have heating and are perfect for travelling in the winter season. There’s so much to see in winter whether you want to hunt the Northern Lights, sleep under the stars, or get your adventure on like Johan. Find out more about exploring the UK & Ireland in your campervan hire this winter.

Did you have to dry your clothes and how did they dry?

A cyclist in the Scottish Highland Hills

Johan – We did not have that much rain, believe it or not! The wet clothes that we had dried nicely by hanging them in the bathroom overnight and letting the warm air from the motorhome circulate

Bunk Campers – Drying your clothes outside would be the best option, by constructing a simple washing line, but with British winter weather does not always allow for this, using the bathroom as Johan did is a great idea to air them out for the next day. Apart from our 2 berth Nomad campervan, all our vehicles come equipped with bathrooms to enable this. If you were to get a true soaking and get very muddy clothes, we’d recommend stopping at a public laundry in the nearest town.

What did you like most about the motorhome?

Johan – We loved the great vibe, such a good place for cosy dinners in the evening together with the full crew, dimming the lights, putting on some music and relaxing at the end of the day.

Bunk Campers – With a 2-burner gas hob, fridge, freezer, and kitchen utensils provided by Bunk Campers, you have everything you need to make a peaceful home-cooked meal every night in your home on wheels. Unwind with dinner, a shower and some music in the evenings as you get ready for another day of adventure tomorrow!  

Was your motorhome cosy and warm?

A Bunk Camper parked in Scotland

Johan – Yes, we had no issues at all with keeping the motorhome warm and cosy throughout our stay. We really appreciated the great and easy to use interface that let you keep track of all settings and how much energy we had left each day. 

Bunk Campers – The control panel in the campervans helps you to control the heating, hot water, and airflow. Keep on top of how much energy you use and what you have left. When you pick up your van, you will be given a full introduction on how to use this on your adventure. You can also check out our rental resources for helpful videos and tips on using your motorhome.

Was there anything, you can think, that would have made it even better?

Johan – We didn’t miss anything in particular; we just would have liked to have more days with the motorhome and spend more time on the road! 

Bunk Campers – We hear this feedback all the time, what might seem like enough days, is quite often just not enough.  Our average rental duration is 8 nights, you can enjoy short trips of 5 nights just as much, however, of course, longer stays give you the time to relax and explore on your own clock. That’s why we offer long stay discounts, so stay longer, pay less!

How did you find the parking and camping? Did you use campsites?

The window view of the Scottish Hills

Johan – We used a combination of parking lots, staying in people’s yards along with campsites. One great thing about travelling during the off-season as we did was that there was no issue to find a great spot – you just need to be a little bit open and flexible. Planning ahead also works, but we did a bit of both. 

Bunk CampersWinter campervan hire means cheaper prices for motorhomes and campsites, more availability at campsites and fewer crowds at tourist attractions. Wild Camping is technically illegal in Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland without the explicit permission of the landowner, so be sure to obtain permission before doing so. Wild with Consent is a great website to get you off the beaten track – connecting you to a rural farmer or landowner, who you know has consented to your being there.

How much planning went into the trip?

Johan – We usually try to not do that much planning and the same applied to this trip. We knew where we wanted to drive and tried to make the most of it on the way. It’s always great to plan but there’s also a risk of losing that curious vibe if all is set. 

Bunk Campers – One of the main benefits of campervan hire is the ability to get up and go, explore anywhere you please anytime.  Sometimes people like the unknown, others like everything to be planned… so just go with what you prefer.  We do recommend some planning for travelling at peak times. Get off the beaten track and explore until your heart’s content. Check out our blog about 11 lesser-known campervan road trips in Scotland here. 

How was living in the motorhome in winter?

Driving a hired motorhome across Scotland

Johan – It was very convenient and such a fun way to travel with friends. Our campervan was warm too and had everything we needed.

Bunk CampersThe Vista Plus that Johan hired came equipped with 2 double beds, a shower, toilet, gas hob and ample storage. It’s like your very own home from home. Discover the beautiful northern highlands of Scotland, the quaint countryside in southern England or explore Ireland’s mesmerizing Wild Atlantic Way at its wildest, you can do it all in a Bunk Camper this Winter.

What do you think of responsible camping?

Johan – We are all about responsible camping and think that the instruction that came with the camper together with great facilities on our trip really made it easy and effortless to be responsible in our camping. Great work guys! 

Bunk Campers – We have adopted the “Leave No Trace” principles aimed to create sustainability in our natural environment. Leave No Trace is a framework of principles used to help minimise the impact on the environment and recommended to be used by all our guests.

We also have a guide on how to dispose of waste when in a campervan with regards to recycling, general waste and compost, helping keep our planet clean.

Did you meet any resistance from the locals?

Johan – We had a lot of great interactions with people at the pub, when hiking, biking. We love the Scottish people, so friendly and nice!  

Bunk Campers – The Scottish are famed for the warm reception they provide. Just make sure to obey the leave no trace principles and act responsibly in your motorhome. Find out how to book your Scotland holiday with us here and pick up your motorhome from our Edinburgh Depot.