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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions that we get asked about motorhome hire or campervan hire in the UK & Ireland. Please email us directly with any other campervan hire questions at

Important – Please Note

The purpose of this page is to answer frequently asked questions that we receive from customers. For full Bunk Campers Terms & Conditions, please click here.

How do I book a Bunk Camper?

You can price your campervan hire, book and pay for your campervan securely on our website.
What is included in Bunk Campers daily rental rate?

  • VAT (sales tax)
  • Insurance for one named driver with a full driving licence*
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • 24 hour Breakdown Cover**
  • Kitchen kit, kettle & campervan equipment
  • Free linen swap

* excluding any insurance loading, extra charges may be incurred if the driver to be insured has a traffic conviction, holds a driving licence from a non-EU country or is in an occupation which is deemed high risk. These charges will be passed onto the customer.

** Bunk Campers supply full breakdown cover to cover any mechanical faults to the base chassis of the vehicle. Any call out charges necessitated by the client through operator error, e.g. a flat vehicle battery etc will be the responsibility of the client.

How can I pay?

Online payment is the easiest and most convenient way to book and pay for your campervan or motorhome rental from Bunk Campers. The benefit of booking and paying for your campervan online is that you know immediately that your campervan or motorhome is available and booked for you.

Paying by credit/debit card.
We take full payment at the time of booking. Our secure payment system ensures that you can pay for your campervan rental online with convenience and peace of mind. A 3.5% credit card surcharge is applied to all online bookings. This covers the payment processing charges that we get charged when processing online payment for your campervan hire.
Check that your credit card limit/balance covers the cost of the booking otherwise your on line booking will fail.

Paying over the phone.
You can also pay over the phone using your credit or debit card, using the same secure payment system used by our website.

Paying by Paypal.

If you would like to pay by Paypal, then we can send you a payment link to pay through.

What if I have penalty points on my licence?

It is still possible to hire a campervan from Bunk Campers if you have penalty points on your licence.

All penalty points must be declared at time of booking when submitting your driver details form. Failure to do so is an offence and coud invalidate your insurance and result in your rental being cancelled.

There is a small daily charge for all penalty points.

I am under 25 years old. Can I hire your campervans?

The Roadie campervan is available for drivers aged 21-24 who have held a full driving licence for at least 2 years. If you are a young driver and do not hold a full driving licence, please contact us on with your driver details and requested dates before trying to make a booking.

The security deposit for young drivers in the Roadie is £1450.

Do you supply a list of campsites in the UK and Ireland?

Yes, we supply a campsite guide for the UK and Ireland.

What is the price of fuel?

In Northern Ireland and the UK, diesel is currently around  £1.10 GBP per litre. (October 2015)

You can find out about the price of fuel in Ireland online.

What are the laws about where you can camp?

Legally, you are not allowed to camp on the side of the road in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England or Wales. Wild/free camping is legal in Scotland. We provide a booklet of campsites where  people can park overnight and also provide access to Safe Nights Ireland. For a small fee of around €10, local businesses, farms, restaurants etc provide safe overnight parking on their property for campervans and motorhomes.

You can read more about free/wild camping here.


What is your gas policy?

As a business, we try to be as ‘Green’ as possible, especially when it comes to gas in our campervans and motorhomes – we don’t make unnecessary trips to the gas suppliers! When you collect your campervan or motorhome for your holiday, we give you just enough gas to help you get on the road.

For convenience, you can pre-purchase a full canister of gas for your arrival. We also provide you with a comprehensive list of gas stockists across the UK & Ireland should you require more during your campervan hire holiday.

Is there a discount code for the Stena Line ferry bookings?

To avail of the 10% discount on Stena Line ferry crossings please call our office on 0044 2890 813057 and a member of staff can help make your booking. Please check your destination and ferry times before calling.

What is the minimum rental period?

The Roadie, Nomad and Ranger have a 3 night minimum hire period from our Edinburgh, Dublin and Belfast depot all year round.

The Aero, Vista, AeroPlus, VistaPlus and Grande have a minimum rental period of 7 nights in high season (April-October). In low season these campervans will have a 3 night minimum hire period.

All rentals from our Glasgow depot will be for 7 nights. The minimum rental period from our London depot is 3 nights for all campervans.

How does MiFi work?

MiFi is a portable Wi-Fi devic offering internet service while you are on holiday. You can connect up to 5 devices including smart phones, tablets and laptops. It comes preloaded with 250MB of data and you can top it up as you require more. Data lasts depending on usage. Roaming charges (data) charges may apply.

How long does the gas last?

How long the gas will last depends on the usage. Gas will be used to power the air heater in some of the campervans, the fridge while you’re wild camping, the hob/grill/oven and the shower & hot water in the Aero, Vista, AeroPlus, VistaPlus and Grande.

Are there electric sockets in the campervan?

Yes, but you must be using an electric hook up cable in order for the electric sockets to work.

What do I need when I collect the campervan?

At collection of the campervan all drivers must have a valid driving license including counterpart (NI)(and counterpaer cop for other UK licences), second form of official photo ID (passport, national ID card, electoral ID card) and credit or debit card in their name to hold the security deposit against. Bunk Campers reserve the right to cancel a rental without these.

What is the maximum age to hire a Bunk Camper?

The maximum age to hire a Bunk Camper is 74 years, 364 days. We are unable to hire to drivers aged 75 and above. For drivers aged 70-74 there is a mature driver insurance surcharge of £20 per night.

Do I have to return the campervan with full fuel?

The camper will come with fuel in it from the previous customer. You must return the camper with the same level of fuel as when you collected it.

You can prepay for a full fuel tank for your arrival. In this instance you do not have to refill for your return, simply return with the amount left in the tank!

Can I cancel my booking?

Bookings are paid for in full at the time of booking. If you need to cancel your booking please give us as much notice as possible. Charges for cancelled bookings are as follows

  • More than 6 weeks prior to rental: 20% of total hire charge
  • 6-4 weeks prior to rental: 50% of total hire charge
  • 4 weeks prior to rental to no show: 100% of total hire charge

Credit card and debit card charges are non refundable. Administration fee of £45 / €50 will be charged.

We advise you purchase travel insurance to cover any costs lost due to cancellation.

What currency can I pay in?

All bookings are paid for in GBP (£).

If you are hiring from our Dublin depot and would like to purchase hireable extras, these can be paid for in Euro (€) at the equivalent rate.

What is the minimum age to rent a Bunk Camper campervan?

The minimum age to hire a Roadie 2 person campervan is 21 years with a full driving licence held for at least 2 years. There is a young driver surcharge of £20 per night.

The minimum age to hire the Nomad, Ranger, Aero, Vista, VistaPlus and Grande campervans is 25 years with a full driving licence held for at least 2 years.

What does insurance cover?

Bunk Campers provide vehicle insurance so the hirer is properly indemnified for the period of hire. Bunk Campers provide insurance as part of the cost of the hire – no other or alternative insurance is acceptable. This insurance covers:

  • Third party liability for personal injury.
  • Third party liability for material damage.
  • Personal accident. Insurance is not included.
  • All hirers should arrange additional travel insurance suitable to their particular requirements.

Can I reduce my insurance excess?

Yes. You can reduce the insurance excess by 50% for any damage caused in a collision to either the campervan or third party property. The cost is £11 / €15 per day for the Roadie, Nomad & Ranger, £13 / €17 per day for the Aero & Vista, £15 / €20 per day for the Aero Plus, Vista Plus and Grande.

*Special cover can be purchased at a cost of £75-£100 depending on the campervan. This covers the cost of damage to the windscreen, wing mirrors and tyres.*

A refundable deposit of £1200 / €1500 is payable for rental of the 2 berth Roadie Bunk Camper

A refundable deposit of £1350 / €1750 is payable for rental of the 2 berth Nomad Bunk Camper & the 4 berth Ranger Bunk Camper

A refundable deposit of £1500 / €1950 is payable for the rental of a 2 berth Aero Bunk Camper or 4 berth Vista Bunk Camper

A refundable deposit of £1750 / €2275 is payable for the rental of the 2 berth AeroPlus or 4 berth VistaPlus Bunk Camper

A refundable deposit of £2000 / €2600 is payable for the rental of the berth Grande Bunk Camper

A refundable deposit of £1450/ €1900 is payable for the rental of the 2 berth Roadie when the driver is 21-24 years old.

Payable by credit/debit card only. This is payable on collection of your campervan.

Bunk Campers combine the Insurance Excess, Security Deposit and Cleaning Deposit into one deposit payment.

The amount will be authorised on your card and shall be released within 10 working days from your return on the following conditions:

  • Campervan returned to the agreed location, on the agreed date and time
  • Campervan returned with interior clean, waste tank/ toilet emptied and the fuel tank at the agreed level.
  • All items are returned at end of hire in clean and full working order as per the ‘Departure Check list’

Cleaning fees will apply if the vehicle is not returned with the interior in a clean condition.
Cleaning fees will apply if the toilet and waste tank are not emptied prior to the return of the vehicle.

What equipment is supplied for the camper van?

Kitchen Equipment
Glasses/tumblers, mugs, cooking pots, frying pan, kettle, chopping board, cutlery including tin opener, bottle opener and kitchen utensils.

Campervan Equipment
Roadie, Nomad & Ranger – dustpan & brush, water hose, electric hook up cable, gas cylinder, tank of water.
Aero, Vista, VistaPlus & Grande – dustpan & brush, water hose, electric hook up cable, mop & bucket, gas cylinder, tank of water, clients to purchase own toilet chemicals.

What hireable extras are available?

  • Double bedding kit – includes: 1 double duvet & cover, 1 sheet, 2 pillows & cases, 2 towels £40
  • Single kit – includes: 1 single duvet & cover, 1 sheet, 1 pillow & case, 1 towel £20
  • Outdoor chair £6
  • Outdoor table £12
  • GPS (satellite navigation) £5 per day
  • Mobile Wi-Fi £5 per day
  • Portable DVD player £20
  • Electrical kitchen pack (microwave, toaster & electrical kettle) £50
  • Child seats from £15
  • Bike rack £35
  • Portable toilet (for Nomad & Ranger VW Campervan hire) £45
  • Tent extension (for Nomad & Ranger) £45
  • Pre-paid gas bottle (£35)
  • Pre-paid fuel option (from £115.20)
  • Road altas £7
  • Toilet chemicals (for sale) £10
  • MP3 aux cable £4
  • EU/Rest of world to UK/Ireland adapter £6


We do not rent bicycles, electric generators and portable heaters.

Do your campervans have shower and toilet facilities?

Our Aero, Aero Plus, Vista, VistaPlus and Grande have a shower and toilet.

The Roadie 2 berth campervan does not have shower or toilet facilities.

A portable toilet is offered as a hireable extra for the Ranger & Nomad VW campervans. These models do not have shower facilities.

Do you have any automatic vehicles?

No, all our vehicles are manual transmission.

Where are Bunk Campers depots located?

Bunk Campers depots are located close to Dublin International, Belfast City, Edinburgh International, Glasgow International and London Gatwick airports.

We offer transfers to and from the airports to our depot locations. Transfer time is about 15 minutes. See website for current charges and our service at specific depots.

We do not offer transfers from London Gatwick Airport, but we offer free transfers from Horsham Train Station to our depot. There is a direct train from the Airport to Horsham and the journey takes around 15 minutes.

Once you have received your driver details, we will send you the address of our depots and the details for collection including contact numbers.


We do not offer transfers from London Gatwick Airport, but we offer free transfers from Horsham Train Station to our depot. There is a direct train service from Gatwick Airport to Horsham Central leaving up to 4 times an hour and the journey takes around 15 minutes. A full list of our depots and where they are can found on our website here.


How do I get collected from the airport?

We offer airport transfers. See website for current charges.

If you book an airport transfer with us, our customer service team can arrange the details of this with you prior to your arrival. Please make sure that we have your flight arrival/departure information so that we know when to expect you.

You will be given the relevant airport collection telephone number so you can give us a call once you have collected your luggage and are at the collection point. We also require your mobile telephone number so we can contact you if needs be!

We do not offer transfers from London Gatwick Airport, but we offer free transfers from Horsham Train Station to our depot. There is a direct train from the Airport to Horsham and the journey takes around 15 minutes.


What are Bunk Campers office opening hours?

Our office is open for general enquiries and administration Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. Our head office is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

What are Bunk Campers depot opening hours?

Our Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow & London depots are open 9-11am and 3-5pm, 7 days a week.

If you need to pick up or return your campervan outside of these hours, an out of hours service is available and costs £50 GBP.

Late collection is between 5-7.30pm / Early drop off is between 7.30-11am.

There is no out of hours service is available in Glasgow or on Sundays.

If you require an early collection from 7.30am-3pm or a later drop off from 11am-7.30pm this is by request only and charged at an additional night’s rental.

Sunday collections and returns are available at our Belfast, Dublin, Edinbugh, Glasgow and London depots. These operate between 3-5pm (collections) and 9-11am (returns) and are charged at £50 GBP.

What happens if I return the campervan late?

The latest time to return the campervan is 11am. The charge for late returns is one day’s rental regardless of the circumstances!

If you have confirmed an out of hours return time the latest return time is 7.30pm.

Can I collect my campervan outside of depot opening hours?

Normal depot opening hours for collections are 3-5pm.

Out of hours collections are available – An early and late collection service is available if arranged prior to arrival.

Late collection from 5-7.30pm / Early drop off from 7.30-9am is charged at £50 (each time).

Earlier collection from 7.30am-3pm / Later drop off from 11am-7.30am is charged at an extra night’s rental (each time).


How long does it take for the collection and return process?

On arrival, allow at least 1 hour to complete the documentation, collection of deposit and demonstration of vehicle.

On return, allow at least 1 hour for us to check the campervan and complete the documentation once you have returned to our depot.

All rentals must take place at a Bunk Campers depot to allow us to carry out the essential checks, paperwork and demonstration of the campervans.

How will I know how to use the campervan?

Don’t worry, lots of our campervan hire customers are first timers! We are not!

Regardless of your campervan or motorhome knowledge, we complete a comprehensive check in and safety demonstration of all features of the campervan.

We will show you how to use the camping gas, heating, electricity and of course how to empty the toilet! When you are ready we hand over the keys.

All our vans have customer manuals in them which will cover all the systems and information given at check in.

Can the campervans be driven in Europe?

Travel in Europe is permissible. There is no additional charge for European cover, however you must notify Bunk Campers at the time of booking of your intent to travel to Europe.

A European travel pack is mandatory and you will be in breach of our terms and conditions should you take a motorhome into Europe without purchasing this. Up-to-date pricing for this pack can be seen at time of booking. The European Travel Pack includes the necessary documentation to take a hire vehicle into Mainland Europe and must be booked with all driver details presented no less than 2 weeks prior to the arranged collection date. Failure to provide this information in advance will lead to you being unable to travel to Europe.

European cover is not available to drivers aged 21-24 years old.

EU travel packs are not required for travel to Ireland!

Do I have emergency cover when I am on the road?

Yes. You have 24 hour Breakdown Cover provided under the hire contract.

What average mileage does a Bunk Camper do?

We get asked about fuel consumption regularly! The good news is that all our vehicles form a modern fleet with the latest most fuel efficient engines.

    • 2 berth Roadie / 2 berth Nomad / 4 berth Ranger, approximately 7 litres per 100km
    • 2 berth Deluxe Aero / 4 berth Vista, approximately 8 litres per 100km
    • 2 berth Aero Plus / 4 berth VistaPlus / 6 berth Grande, approximately 9.5 litres per 100km

How long does the battery system last in the campervan?

Bunk Campers vehicles have two batteries – one to run the engine and the other to operate the living equipment such as the fridge and interior lights.

This battery will remain charged for approximately 8 to 10 hours. When you drive the campervan, you will recharge the battery.

If the battery goes flat you can switch on the engine to start it again. You will need to plug the vehicle into 240V mains power for the battery to fully recharge.

Can I do a one way rental?

Yes, one way rentals are available across all of our depots. There is a minimum of 7 nights hire. Please contact for rental conditions and charges.

We offer reocation deals throughout the year. This will be a short one way rental from 1 depot to another and can be between any depots, for varying amounts of time. Please see our website for any current relocation deals.

What do Bunk Campers charge for motorway toll fees?

You are responsible for paying toll fees as you go.

This excludes the Dublin M50 toll fee (Ireland) and the Dartford crossing on the M25 (England) which are automatically charged to Bunk Campers and payable by the hirer to Bunk Campers on return of the campervan.

Do you allow pets?

We have a limited number of pet friendly vans available at our depots on a request only basis. Please contact us directly with your requests,

Do you allow smoking?

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all Bunk Campers vehicles.

Can you fit child seats in your campervans?

ALL of our campervans fit child seats and have a minimum of 3 forward facing seats (including the drivers seat). Child seats can be hired for the duration of your rental. Please note Bunk Campers staff are not responsible for fitting child seats.

  • Child seat (0-1 years age, 0- 9kgs) £35.00
  • Child seat (1 – 4 years age, 9 – 18kgs) £25.00
  • Child Booster seat (4 – 11 years age, 18 – 36kgs) £15.00

Can surfboards be carried on the roof of the campervans?

Our larger campervans are big enough to fit short and long boards inside the vehicle. Please ensure you have a cover for your boards to protect the interior of the campervan. Please email us with any specific requests.

For being a smaller van the Ranger has had 14″ surfboards in the roof before!

Do you hire bike racks for the campervans?

We hire bike racks that can be fitted onto the Nomad, Ranger, Aero, Vista, Aero Plus, Vista Plus and Grande campervans. Each bike rack holds 2 bikes.

The Vista Plus and the Grande hold 4 bikes.

Please request a bike rack prior to your arrival. The cost of hiring a bike rack is £35.

The Grande 6 berth motorhome also has a garage which can fit up to 4 bicycles. Please ensure you have a cover for your bicycles to protect the interior of the campervan.

What campsite information is provided?

Bunk Campers provide campsite guide books in each of our campervans. These are provided free of charge providing they are returned with the vehicle. If you choose to keep the guide there is a charge for replacemenr so please ensure these stay in the van. To plan what campsites you will stay at prior to your arrival please click the link below:


What are the campsites near Dublin?


What are the campsites near Belfast?

Campsites near Belfast.

  • Dundonald Leisure Park, 111 Old Dundonald Road, 0044 2890 809100. You can email for reservations.


Check out our Trip Ideas to help plan your trip.

For more current information and inspiration on the latest events across the UK & Ireland, visit our Bunk Blog.

On arrival, using our local knowledge we can help all customers with an outline itinerary and recommendations.

Visit Scotland,, Discover Northern Ireland, Visit England & Visit Britain also have a lot of useful information.

What other information is available to help plan my trip?


Check out our Trip Ideas to help plan your trip.

For more current information and inspiration on the latest events across the UK & Ireland, visit our Bunk Blog.

On arrival, using our local knowledge we can help all customers with an outline itinerary and recommendations.

Visit Scotland,, Discover Northern Ireland, Visit England & Visit Britain also have a weather of information.





What is the best time of year to visit the UK or Ireland?

The main season is March to November. The season kicks off with St Patrick’s Day celebrations across Ireland. July and August are the busiest months for visiting the UK and Ireland.

We think the best weather is in May, June and September!

September through to March is a great time to experience outdoor activities in Ireland such as surfing, walking and cycling. The surf is best across the winter months.

We advise that some campsites shut late September to mid October through to March.

Some campsites stay open all year. Research the campsites along your planned route for the facilities you require for your trip.

Alternatives to campsites are Aires De Service areas. The UK and Ireland offer a developing network of Aires de Service stopping places specifically designed for motor homes which include basic water and waste facilities.

In Ireland, we provide Safe Nights Ireland membership which is a cheaper alternative to staying in campsites. The Safe Nights Ireland initiative provides safe overnight parking throughout Ireland for €10 per night.